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He'd seen her as soon as she'd arrived in Rome, of course. Gone out of his way, risked discovery, even. After sixty years in hiding, he risked everything. But it was worth it. She hadn't changed in all that time - not that he'd expect her to, but it was still the thrill of the knowledge.

And dammit, if she hadn't been wearing boots. He might have avoided her, just led the Cabal on a merry chase through the underground of Rome, Helen none the wiser to the threat. But her in those fabulous leather boots? How could he resist?

So he'd let her know that he was there, alive, and back out of hiding. And yes, the Cabal was chasing her as well as him, but the thrill of it...

It felt good to be alive again.
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Five months, three weeks, four days. That is how long it had taken him to set foot in Magnus' new Sanctuary. He began by grieving, then upon figuring out the truth, sulking, and then by working it out.

Will vanishing wasn't surprising. Not that Nikola ever really cared about the protege, anyway. But when Henry vanished, Nikola took note. After everything, it wasn't like Henry, especially not when he was going to be a father in the near future. But after a bit of digging around, the wolf's girlfriend... or whatever she was - had vanished too.


It took research, figuring out where there was a huge power drain that there shouldn't be, and eventually he was walking along tunnels, feeling the power drain next the other side of them. What the hell was it?
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April 1925

A wet Manhatten night - the kind Nikola hated. He stepped out of the cab outside the Hotel Marguery, glancing up at the well-lit frontage, before turning to pay the driver, and stepping inside.

He'd played his part today - wined and dined with society's finest, entertained the masses, told a few salacious stories about Edison, and now was on his way to his 'private' hotel room to entertain a special friend - the son of a former business partner who Nikola couldn't resist seducing a few months earlier. It was his own way of getting back at the bastard for his choice to pull out of investing in Nikola's company. Besides, Robert was good company, looked fabulous, had the stamina of youth, and didn't ask too many questions.

Nikola had taken off the wig he was wearing to make him look older (given he was supposed to be in his sixties now, he hadn't aged a bit, and too many people asked too many questions), had removed his bowtie, and had unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt by the time he exited the elevator to the floor his rooms were on. He heard the sound of a raised voice further along the corridor, and he frowned as he walked towards it, wincing slightly as a door slammed shut. Seeing Robert coming storming along the corridor was the last thing he expected, but he certainly didn't see the slap across the face coming, nor the hissed "bastard" in his direction.

He shot out his hand with inhuman speed, catching Robert and pushing him against the wall. "Hey. What the hell was that for?" he asked, his Serbian accent finally a thing of the past. "And where do you think you're going? We had a date."

"No, I was slotted into your busy schedule for a fast screw," Robert spat out, trying to get away from Nikola, before realizing it would be unsuccessful. When Nikola wanted to use his strength against someone, there was no getting away from it until Nikola decided to let go. "Why don't you go and screw your wife?" Robert had glanced towards Nikola's rooms, Nikola following his gaze.

"My what?" he asked, dropping Robert's arms, absently watching as Robert straightened his jacket, giving Nikola a disgusted look.

"The woman you married. Well, that's what she said. God, you didn't even have the decency to tell me I was just your thing on the side," Robert said with a sneer. "I'll pick up my things in a few days when you are done with your reunion." With that he walked away, leaving Nikola staring after him.

He turned his head sharply, looking towards his rooms, bringing his vampiric side to the forefront as he quickly walked to his rooms, pushing the door open and stepping in, ready for any trouble. No one was in the main area of the rooms, so he slowly walked towards the bedroom, but stopped in the doorway as he saw who it was, becoming human again, with a familiar smirk appearing. "Helen, my dear, married? Really? All you had to do was ask."
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001.Temptation 002.Addiction 003.Greed 004.Faith 005.Delusional
006.Innocence 007.Stained 008.Procrastinate 009.Dirty 010.Lie
011.Forgive 012.Lose 013.Want 014.Bury 015.Choke
016.Burn 017.Change 018.Regret 019.Slip 020.Smirk
021.Fragile 022.Secret 023.Past 024.Fantasy 025.Enough
026.Dream 027.Waste 028.Hope 029.Note 030.Hug
031.Passion 032.Hold 033.Right 034.Wrong 035.Strong
036.Wind 037.Paranoid 038.Moment 039.Song 040.Touch
041.Shake 042.Psychic 043.Spirit 044.Magick 045.God
046.Ghost 047.Belong 048.Tear(s) 049.Drown 050.Writers' Choice


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