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Name:Nikola Tesla [Sanctuary]
Birthdate:Jul 10
Location:United States of America
Helen Magnus"You don't believe I can accomplish Nikola's task?"
James Watson"One, he had the power of an ancient vampire. Two, he fell asleep in Edison's electric chair at full current. I don't see your skill sets overlapping."


For [info]hearts_andminds
Name: Nikola Tesla
Fandom: Sanctuary
Point of Entry: During 4x05, Resistance, when he goes through the rift to rescue Wolf-Boy.
Abilities: Genius inventor of, amongst other things, radio, father of AC power systems (information on historical Nikola Tesla here). Also happens to be an immortal vampire, fast, strong, highly intelligent. Able to manipulate electricity.
Physical Description: Tesla in human form is about six foot tall, dark, often spiky hair, pale eyes, and dresses smartly, often in three piece suits. In vampiric form, his eyes go black, his voice significantly deepens and his fingernails extend to around 3-4 inches.

For all other communities:
Nikola is up to date with current canon, he's his vamp!Magneto self. Still genius, all the time.

This journal is for entertainment purposes only, and no profit is being made. Sanctuary is from the brain of Damien Kindler, and courtesy of Syfy. Nikola Tesla belongs to Mr Kindler, and to history. Jonathon Young, who portrays Tesla, belongs to himself.
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